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From a CPM client

Life is just amazing and it is truly a wonderful gift. Respect the journey ahead and learn from the things that once were. Enjoy each day as fully as you…read more

My pain has not disappeared permanently, but it is far less than before

For almost two years my tailbone was hurting me. This was very annoying, since sitting or lying down was a constant pain. I already had done a number of therapies,…read more

Testimonial Dr. Jason Richardson, Renowned Olympic Psychologist

The tension was relieved more than once. First by dr. Breske in my shoulder and low back... then on my conscience because he taught me how to use CPM for…read more

Testimonial Dr. Melissa Longo, Rockstar Doctor Life Podcast

This is what Dr. Melissa Longo has to say about Centerpoint Meditation: “I felt like tension in my neck and shoulders melted away” Dr. Melissa Longo, Rockstar Doctor Life Podcast…read more

Testimonial Dr. Ed Osburn – founder of Laptop Lifestyle

Dr. Matthew J. Breske is the founder and CREATOR of Center Point Meditation. I have experienced this technique first hand 2x and...mind blown! 2020 is YOUR year to Center Point…read more

Leon and Marion Teunissen attended our workshop

Leon and Marion attended the CPM workshop on July 14, 2019. They were one of the first people ever who did one of our workshops, and we were very grateful…read more

The story of Loes

Ik had al een aantal jaren last van slapeloosheid. Ik sliep gemiddeld 3x per week niet of nauwelijks. Iedereen die hier ook last van heeft, weet wat dit betekent voor…read more

Fred Maessen’s story

Hallo Doc Breske, Hierbij een bedankje aan mijn chiropractor, een een beschrijving van wat ik heb geleerd om te ontspannen en te mediteren. Allereerst een uitleg hoe en waarom ik…read more

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