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Plan your Center Point Meditation Virtual Therapy Sessions with Elle Honeycutt

Who am I?
Have you ever asked yourself this question? I do all the time. This is why I chose to become a wellness coach. For the past 15 years, this question and many others like it, have been at the forefront of my mind. What I do is help others on this journey. Professionally, I’m a certified Fascial Maneuvers Practitioner and Personal Trainer. I use my knowledge of the connection between the mind and body to help you to elevate your own life. It is my belief that every individual is capable of solving their own problems. With guidance and assistance, I can provide strategies and perspective towards unlocking the your most valuable potential.

What is Vitamin L?
L is short for LOVE! Yes, before you ask, just like the song! I know it might sound cheesy but I think this is how wisdom works. It’s simple, memorable and you know it is truth whenever you hear it. Love seems to be a missing component in our world and love starts with how we treat ourselves. So if you were to ask me what is my philosophy, it is LOVE! The more often we include love in our interactions with ourselves and others, the remainder of life’s dilemmas seem to work themselves out. Maybe you agree or disagree? Either way, message me! Let’s talk about it!

Vitamin L
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