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Plan your Center Point Meditation Virtual Therapy Sessions with Denise Faith

My journey into healing began when I was 19 years old and I had trouble getting in and out of a car because of the pain in my hips. By that time I had been teaching regular high impact aerobics classes for 4 years in studios with cement floors covered by a thin carpet. The impact on my joints took a toll on my young body. Doctors dismissed it because of my age. At that time nobody made the connection between the high impact and my pain.

I moved from a small town in Florida to NYC where I knew I would find alternative therapies. A chiropractor gave me slight relief, that was a start. Not long after, in a personal trainer certification course I was taking, there was a guest bodyworker doing demonstrations. I volunteered to be the client, and for the first time in months, I felt significant relief! I had never heard of “body work” before then, and within the first 60 seconds, I felt something light up inside me. I didn’t learn a specific technique at that time, but ever since, when working with clients, I intuitively knew how to help someone get out of pain by laying my hands on them and guiding them through specific movements. I worked backwards, trying to figure out how I knew what I knew, and what the logistics were, by studying with a Neuromuscular Therapist and taking various bodywork courses. I became certified in Pilates, Body Logic, Body Rolling, and MELT, plus other modalities. All these techniques are amazing, and to this day I use them all. None of them however, fully encompassed the work I was doing intuitively.

For the past 35 years, I have worked one on one with clients to relieve their pain by using a combination of different modalities I’ve learned, and my own intuitive abilities. In 2020 I began working with The Human Garage, and I became a Fascial Maneuvers Practitioner. It was around this time that my journey began shifting from “fixing” people, to empowering them to heal themselves. My work is strongly focused on the mind body connection – I teach people about the profound connection between our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes, and the positive or negative affects on our biology. I work with all the senses in a blend of traditional and metaphysical methods. Center Point Meditation (CPM), and working with the biofield, has become the “glue” that binds all other modalities I practice. It also stands completely on it’s own. I am proud to be among the first CPM certified practitioners. My focus is to teach other teachers how to incorporate CPM into their own work, and into their own personal healing journeys.

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