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CPM Workshop by Dr. Kevin Gyurina
April 30

Studio 67 Medford
at The Feed Mill
56 North Main Street,
Medford NJ 08055

Center Point Meditation (CPM) Benefits:

• Pain Relief: Easily release tension causing pain or discomfort.
• Increase Range of Motion: Noticeable changes within moments.
• Stress and Tension Reduction: By aligning the body with the Bio-Field.
• Brain Balancing: Logically process feelings & Intuitively process thoughts
• Improved Heart Rate Variability: Coherence improvement after one CPM session.

Price: $ 225.00

FREE Mini E-Book: Bio-Field Interpretation

by Dr. Matthew J. Breske DC
Founder of Center Point Meditation

Price: free

Center Point Meditation –
‘a unique meditation experience’

by Dr. Matthew J. Breske DC
“I put the basic fundamentals of CPM in this ebook to familiarize you with how CPM works. The book is a prerequisite for the guided CPM workshops that we will be giving.”

Price: € 3,69

Center Point Meditation –
‘een unieke meditatie ervaring’

door Dr. Matthew J. Breske DC
“Ik heb de basisprincipes van CPM in dit e-book beschreven om u kennis te laten maken met de werking van CPM. Om deel te kunnen nemen aan onze workshops is noodzakelijk om het boek aan te schaffen.”

Price: € 3,69

Virtual Center Point Meditation workshop
(CPM Level 1)
incl. the CPM e-book

The Center Point Meditation workshops are designed to teach you how to utilize all the benefits CPM has to offer with no assistance from anyone else.

Price: € 369,00

Center Point Therapeutics
(CPM Level 2)
The complete course

(only available after completing CPM level 1)

The time to heal yourself is here.
Center Point Therapeutics: a Do It Yourself Pain Management Therapy

You are buying the following courses:

  • Neck, Skull and Jaw;
  • Thoracic Spine and Ribcage;
  • Low back and Pelvis;
  • Organs, Joints and Muscles.

Price: € 369,00

Center Point Meditation AND Center Point Therapeutics:
The combo bundle

Now you can purchase all products in one buy at a reduced price.

What do you get:

  • The Center Point Meditation E-books (essentials)
  • The virtual Center Point Meditation online workshop (CPM level 1)
  • The complete Center Point Therapeutics video course (CPM level 2)

Price: € 639.00 (You save € 99.00)

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