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CPM Licensee Program

Intuitive Mind Solutions is partnering up with Rugkliniek Eindhoven and Center Point Meditation to help spread CPM around the world. This is a certification program that will allow people to get a CPM diploma and they will then be sent to places all over the world to teach the CPM guided workshop. This program will be offered to qualified people who are able to effectively demonstrate the ability to teach the CPM technique to other people.

Intuitive Mind Solutions shall provide to the Licensee the specified below:

  • 90 Days CPM Coaching Virtual and Live Training/Coaching
  • Access to use Center Point Meditation Logos and branding as your own
  • Listed On Center Point Meditation Directory
  • Messaging Guidance and CPM Coaching
  • Full access to the all CPM Online communities
  • Access to all streaming workshops and recorded workshops free of charge
  • Workshop training and access to available teaching opportunities
  • Access to top tier of Intuitive Mind Solutions website to help grow your business
  • Learn how CPM can be applied in different ways for certain different purposes.
  • You will learn how to apply CPM in different universal forms that fit your way of MAKING A DIFFERENCE in someone’s life.

Here we will help you get what you want! You master:

  • Successful integration of CPM in your profession and elevatingyour purpose in helping others.
  • Tripling the receptiveness and shortening treatment or pre-talk time in most types of therapy by instant relaxation. (Hypnotherapy, NLP, movement therap, counselling, dramatherapy, EMDR, creative therapy, re-attach, and much much more)
  • Building rapport with a client
  • Introduction of what CPM means to the person in front of you (professional explanation), power point formats, whiteboard approach, and what not to say.
  • Correct interpretation of CPM -clinical, holistic, psychological and spiritual comprehension -clinical validations what happens in the body
  • Right moment strategies to use in a client’s consultation
  • Integrating planning of CPM in one’s life Learn about all the Layers in CPM field
  • Extra measuring techniques, and reverse diagnoses

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Imagine this cup

Every day it can be filled up with all sorts of things. Liquid substances or dry substances. It does not matter in the end it is full and by putting more in it, it will run over and there will be a mess.

What if I would tell you, you are this cup and the liquid substances are emotional things (feelings) and the dry substances are rational things (thinking). Can you imagine that on a daily basis you are filling this cup with feelings and thoughts and at one point it is full or even running over….

This is where CPM comes in. An opportunity to empty your cup and wash it clean. So you can start every day, every minute a fresh.

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