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FREE Mini E-Book: Bio-Field Interpretation
by Dr. Matthew J. Breske DC
Founder of Center Point Meditation

“The Bio-Field is as dynamic in activity as the body and mind itself.”

Dr. Matthew Breske has been practicing Chiropractic for over 12 years and has served thousands of people over these years. He discovered Center Point Meditation almost 6 years ago and is now sharing the technique with the world. The E-book Bio-Field Interpretation is an ebook that defines what the Bio-Field is from many different, yet similar perspectives, and how it relates to Center Point Meditation. This is an informational book that was created to tell you about something that maybe you’ve never known about. Welcome to the rabbit hole.

What is in the book?:

  • What is the Bio-Field?
  • Bio-Field Therapies Currently Practiced in the World​
  • What is Bio-Field Interpretation?​
  • Bio-Field Interpretation and Center Point Meditation
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