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Thank you for purchasing this online workshop!

This Center Point Meditation online workshop is designed to teach you how to utilize all the benefits CPM has to offer with no assistance from anyone else.

You will learn:

  • How to correctly do the CPM method on your own.
  • You can download a bio-field map that will allow you to understand CPM and the bio-field more effectively.
  • You will be taught all of the advanced CPM techniques that can be used for things such as self-understanding, cognitive enhancement, intuition enhancement, instant relaxation, and high intensity pain relief to name a few.
  • You will have the tools necessary to do CPM for the rest of your life.
  • It will teach you secrets that you’ve never even thought about involving our biology and psychology and giving you a new understanding of Natural Law.
  • Teach you how to use body awareness with the incorporation of a new concept called Bio-Field Interpretation.

Your back hurts

After the CPM Workshop, you will know how to use the CPM method to relax your back to the point that your pain is reduced. After the workshop and your two training calls, you will be able to do CPM on your own to reduce your back pain.

You have too much stress and anxiety

After the CPM workshop and with the use of the Bio-Field mind map, you will be able to assess your current mental state in order to determine what is causing you stress and/or anxiety. The Center Point Meditation technique will bring what is subconscious to the conscious level so it can be processed and the tension that is caused by stress is instantly reduced.

Your head and neck hurt

As with the the back pain you will know how to use the CPM method to relax your neck and head to the point that your pain is reduced. After the workshop and your two training calls, you will be able to do CPM on your own to reduce your neck pain and headache.

If you have pain or if you have stress - if no one but yourself can help...
...then let Center Point Meditation be your solution!

Before planning a one-on-one session, we recommend watching the online workshop first.

Module One

Module Two

Module Two: Bonus material

Module Three

Module Three: Bonus material

Module Four

Extra Bonus material: interview with Karim Delgado from Brain Mechanics

Plan two one-on-one virtual training sessions with dr. Matthew Breske


In addition to the online workshop and the one-on-one virtual training sessions you can download a copy of the Bio-Field map and the slides that have been used in the online workshop. Both of them are a available as PDF documents. You can also download a copy of the CPM e-book, which is essential for getting familiar with Center Point Meditation. If you haven’t done so already, we’d highly recommend reading the book BEFORE watching the online workshop.

Below you'll find the video's we created in the past. Although the videos on top of this page are the most recent ones, you may find it interesting to watch those older videos.

Module One:
Intro to CPM and Practice

  • Center Point Meditation Introduction
  • Practicing the Basics
  • Introduction to the Bio-Field Map

Module Two:
The Bio-Field Map

  • How Thoughts and Feelings affect your Bio-Field
  • How the past, present and future affect your Bio-Field
  • How The Bio-Field and your body are connected

Module Three:
Various CPM Theories and CPM Alternatives

  • Various CPM Theories and how it works
  • CPM Alternatives: CPM standing, Active CPM techniques
  • Using Center Point Meditation for Pain Relief

Module Four:
CPM practice and Advanced CPM methods

  • “Bring the Pain” Technique
  • Partner Center Point Training
  • Asking Questions and Final Practice


CPM used for
pain relief 1

CPM used for
pain relief 2

CPM used for
relaxing a little baby

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