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General contact info

Center Point Meditation
Dommelstraat 5B
5611 CJ Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 6 28 53 41 12

Center Point Meditation is a division of Intuitive Mind Solutions.

Intuitive Mind Solutions is a visionary business that is helping to spread Center Point Meditation globally as well as other intuitive and alternative health modalities. We are here to support anyone that wants to pursue their intuitive ideas and give them a safe environment to spread their wings. Everyone in the world has a unique gift that can benefit the future of this planet. Our mission is to help find the gifted people that were destined to change the world. We will support the unorthodox, unconventional and alternative health practices that are overlooked by mainstream culture or are yet to be discovered. We are idealists at its fullest and we will continue to be until the world sees the true power that human potential possesses.

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