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by Dr. Matthew J. Breske DC
Founder of Center Point Meditation

Who am I?

As for my history, I grew up in the United States in a small town in South Dakota, My father was a teacher, coach, and farmer and my mother was the school nurse in our community. I have two brothers, one older and one younger. After high school I went to College and received my degree in Exercise Science, Biology, and Psychology. I also played American football while attending college. After my university study I continued my study at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Here I received my Doctorate in Chiropractic. I’ve practiced my first 6 years throughout the United States and now serving people in the Netherlands for the past 7 years. Throughout the years, I have experienced pain from both sides . One side from working as a chiropractor for the last 13 years and the other side from being a former college football player who has experienced many injuries myself. Over the last decade, I have learned what pain is and what true pain management really is. As a result of my professional and personal experience with pain I am able to serve my clients in the best way possible.

I practice with idealistic optimism and I am constantly challenging the belief systems people create and the mental constructs they have in order to best serve and support my clients. Through my own healing process, I’ve developed Center Point Meditation and Center Point Therapeutics in order to empower people to heal themselves.

The Center Point techniques have knocked on the door of our innate intuitive potential that is locked inside us. I discovered this technique by accident through my personal healing experience and have now been sharing it with people I adjust and it has had such a profound effect that is not only reproducible, it is also very efficient as well as predictable. I’m yet to find that it does not work. This technique is so important that it must be shared with the world. Center Point Meditation can be learned by a therapist in order to better assist their clients or it can be learned as technique to use for your own personal well-being.

The human Biology is not built for all the incoming transmissions that can enter the body and mind on a daily basis. With each incoming thought or feeling, tension will build up in the body whether you like it or not. Everyone’s physical body has a certain limit to how much tension it can hold. Consider the analogy that your body has a tension backpack that gets filled from all the tension that occurs from the stress we encounter in our life. In the world today, most people’s backpacks are totally full. If the tension backpack is full, the body is unable to adapt to stress, is possibly filled with pain, and dis-ease is able to thrive because the tension is so full in the body that it can no longer heal itself. Consider Center Point Meditation (CPM) and Center Point Therapeutics (CPT) as possible solutions to allow your body to instantly empty your tension backpack, so you can continue living your life free from the tension that this modern life creates.

Dr. Matthew Breske, Founder of Center Point Meditation and Center Point Therapeutics

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